In the Zone : The Prickly Truth About Developer Productivity

Its 7:35 a.m. Shelley, one of the world’s most productive developers, strolls into the office. A Starbucks in one hand, a briefcase in the other. She cracks open her laptop, a sticker-laden chuck of technology that boldly professes her love of kittens and the Pittsburg Pirates.

She opens her email. Her inbox is full again. About a third of them are status updates from various teams in her department. Somebody once thought it was a good idea for teams to send out daily status updates via email. Somebody else thought it would be a good idea to include all the developers in the department. Shelley has already built a sophisticated set of filters to send these status updates directly to the trash, but for some reason, a number of them keep getting through. Distractions! Shelley hates distractions.

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