Personal branding. A total scam?

by Yann Girard

Personal branding is a total scam. It’s just another fancy word to charge you for something you don’t need. To make you believe that there’s such a thing as personal branding. But there really isn’t. Trust me.

It’s just another made up terminology to start charging you for a service that will tell you how to build your personal brand.

I’m sure there are already personal branding agencies out there somewhere. Or personal branding frameworks. Or personal branding cookies. Or whatever..

First of all, either you’ve already made a name for yourself because you’ve done something in the past that most of us can’t, or you didn’t do anything remarkable.

And if you’ve done something remarkable in the past that most people can’t, well then there’s your personal brand. No need to brand yourself anymore. Your work speaks for itself.

And if you didn’t do anything remarkable in the past, well then you won’t be able to build a brand. It’s that simple. But not very easy to accept.

Because it’s nice to believe in and to buy into the concept of being able to build a brand out of thin air. You know, it’s always nice to believe in shortcuts.

But the truth is that the only way to build your brand is to do something remarkable. To do something most people wouldn’t be able to do.

There really is no other way.

So stop trying to figure out how to build your brand online. And instead get out there and start doing something most of us can’t do. Or won’t do..

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