How to Help People to Write Songs Better

Hi there, inspiring folks! Hereby I invite you to participate in The Song Journal.

We are a community of people who help each other to write songs better. This is an open call for content that would fit into our publication, which are :

  • Why you write a song
  • Why people should write a song
  • How you write a song
  • Your experience in songwriting
  • Songwriters, Songs, Lyrics, which inspire you
  • Song reviews

Submission Rules

We do have a few rules in place to maintain the integrity of our publication.

  1. Your writing must be an article or draft at We do not accept any other format.
  2. It must be an essay or an article concerning topics mentioned above or related.
  3. It must include a header image. If it doesn’t, we will add one to it. You can find free images at &
  4. We require one of your tags to be Songwriting.

Once your story is accepted, we ask that you do not remove it from our publication.

How To Submit

To submit a story to The Song Journal, please mention this guy on twitter with a link to your story on Medium. Once received, the editor will review your submission and respond as soon as possible.

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