PyroMids : The Beginning, Kind of


Hey there.

I’m Joe, and I make music under the name PyroMids. Goofy name perhaps, or it could also be perceived as dark and edgy, or any other number of things- but I think that may be the beauty of it. Like most of you, I’m a complex person, with an array of emotions, and I think that comes through in my music, which has always been an outlet for me.

Sometimes I’ll have a witty (I think so, anyway) pun in my lyrics, and sometimes just a straight up statement of angst. I use metaphors at times that at surface value may seem cute, but the underlying root of the song ends up being much more than that. With the aid of some really great friends and band mates.

I am working on a new album, which is the culmination of a lot of turmoil, regret, healing and joy that I have experienced over the last couple of years. One song for the album, tentatively called “Dish Duty”, uses household chores like doing dishes or sweeping up, as a vehicle for the grief and regret I was harboring and hiding from others after my father passed away. Writing this song was a way to help me visualize and reconcile my behaviors, and also a way to make it clear to myself, that “Hey, this is going to get better, but only if you allow it to”. That’s powerful, and one of the many things that I love about music.

Everyone has struggles in life, and for me, my music is often a release and a coping mechanism, and also a way to celebrate the love that can pick us up in down times. I usually find that when my songs are dark in tone or subject matter, that, as in life, there’s usually a silver lining or light at the end of the tunnel. My hope is that I will be able to connect with you through these songs and share a bond with you, even if your struggle is of a different type than mine, or your joy is from a different source.

I think that’s the beauty in music, a good song can find a way to connect with you, even if the author’s meaning of the song is different from the listener’s takeaway. My buddy Marc who does the drumming for our band, asked me if “Dish Duty” was about a breakup with an ex, and even though that’s not what MY meaning for the song was, the answer to his question was ultimately yes, because that’s what it meant for him. And I absolutely love that.

As we work on our new album, I hope to connect with you more. I will be sharing my thoughts throughout the creation process, and offering my take on many of the things that go along with creating or performing music, be it good, bad, or somewhere in the middle. Thank you for reading, and feel free to share your thoughts, questions, or just a simple “hello” down below. Cheers!