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Welcome to The Songlands

The Songlands at the time of the War of the Talisman

So, what is this publication all about?

Great question. I’m glad you asked.

The Songlands refers to the setting of a fantasy story I started writing a few years ago. The premise was simple. I even had your standard cliche elevator pitch for it:

Lord of the Rings meets Downton Abbey

The idea was that I would take a very Middle-Earth-ish world and write about what it was like during its Industrial Age. I put my time period at roughly equivalent to the early 1900s and I was going to focus on a noble house in a kingdom that was making its final transition from monarchy to republic.

But then I thought, “Okay, but I kinda have to know how this world got from its version of The War of the Ring (I call mine the War of the Talisman — I know, shut up) to this industrial time period.”

So I started writing a history. I tweaked a few things so it wasn’t an exact copy of LotR, but the major beats are definitely there. Elves, humans, gobliny type races… I even have dwarves and hobbits, but I call them something different. In fact, I make them two related species, like Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens (you’ll see). I also decided that the wizard (who was sent by the Celestial Choir that sang the world into existence) would teach humans magic before he vanished.

Anyway, as I wrote my history and made my maps (I obviously made maps), I realized I was enjoying the worldbuilding way more than writing the actual story, and I thought “Hey, what if the worldbuilding is the point? What if I just write articles about the history and cultures of this world instead of writing another novel, which I’m clearly not that interested in doing?”

And thus was this publication born.

So, I’ll be posting articles to this publication that read like history articles about this fantasy world, along with studies of cultures and biographies of important figures.

I hope you like it. If you do, please let me know in the comments. If you don’t, please… go read something else.

Okay! The Songlands! I’ve published a few articles, and while most going forward can be read in any order, you really should start with these three in this order:

That gives you the basic history you need to enjoy the other articles in this publication.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading!



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