The Global Influence Of Content

Sorrce across the world.

Dave Whyte

One of the most exciting things about Sorrce is people from all walks of life using the app. Recently I took some time to look at the exact demographics of the app and was astounded to see that it’s being used all over the world.

There’s been pretty minimal marketing thus far for Sorrce. Other than getting to the front page of Product Hunt, most of the user growth has been relatively organic. One of the interesting aspects of the app is that it isn’t inherently social, meaning the app has the same value if it has one user or one thousand. Due to this there is no particular reason that the app should be growing in places all around the world. But somehow it has reached corners of the world I couldn’t have imagined going into this.

Here are some of the most interesting statistics about Sorrce’s global appeal.

User breakdown

An astounding 32% of users on Sorrce are out of the U.S. market. It’s pretty awesome to see how powerful content stretches across the globe.

U.S. Breakdown

Within the U.S. itself, 53% of the user base is made up from west coast users. No surprise there as Silicon Valley tends to have a lot of early adopters.

International Breakdown

These are all the different areas around the world Sorrce is being used.

Wow! Look at all those different regions of the world! I don’t have a particular hypothesis as to why this happened, but it’s exciting. Clearly the leading international area is London, making up 20% of all international users. Shanghai came in second, making up 9% of all international users.

Never did I think this early on (or in general for that matter) this app would have users in places like Qatar and Riga (Latvia). This is just another benchmark to reaffirm how small the world is becoming.

Overall it is clear that content can be a uniting factor for people from Asia, Eastern Europe and America alike. I guess people across the globe like funny animals and science videos!

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