What Gets Users To Click?

Popular content when it’s completely anonymous

Stéphane Reverdy http://drbl.in/nfMH

One of the more fun things I get to see while working on Sorrce is the kinds of content users respond strongly to. Now mind you, I do not get to see WHO clicked on WHAT, just what was upvoted. And currently that is anonymous to me as well. I made it like that on purpose.

But because the upvote tallies are not public, I’m the only one who gets to see them. I always have speculations about what will be the most popular & sometimes the results are not too far off from my guesses. Keep in mind this is upvoting and not viewing, I would suspect viewed and upvoted have an interesting relationship as well.

So without further adieu… The most upvoted content on Sorrce thus far (2 weeks in):

#1 Bathroom Poets

Good catch

This bit of toilet-side philosophy has clearly struck a funny nerve with users (or an insightful one?). It is the most upvoted piece of content on Sorrce thus far. We all have to admit the irony pointed out by author two is a little funny.


#2 Brave man saves woman from brutal stabbing

Certainly a headline that will get anyone’s attention. I can totally understand why something like this would have an extremely high click rate, people tend to have the ‘can’t look away’ syndrome with LiveLeak content. Perhaps in this instance it speaks to peoples desire to see the hero win out and upvoting in correlation with that.


#3 Send A Text To Anyone — Anonymously

Using the Hunger Games as an example

A really fun one. Not only is the product silly and functional, it’s something Sorrce users will I have no doubt use. I remember seeing this the first time on Product Hunt and having a good laugh with it as I harassed my friends that day with outlandish texts. For all of those reasons it is not difficult to believe this one has been upvoted frequently.


So what does it mean?

It’s still very early in the Sorrce lifecycle (I hope). But as someone who loves content and insights, I will continue to share them with you as I go. For now, it looks as though it looks as though people upvoted content that is particularly noteworthly & different from what they normally see on the app.

Lots of what is on Sorrce is very small and bitesized. But the ones that truly get a lot of votes are ones where a little more time is invested. Bathroom Poets could potentially derail this theory, but that entry still requires a decent amount of reading time compared to many other pictures.

If I ever get the rough click numbers, that will be interesting. More analytics to come. In the meantime, download the app!


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