A Spin on Scholastic Success

Feature story written by Michi Kang

A pwaasome competition for all the nerds of today’s generation, the World Scholar’s Cup, took place on the 5th and 6th of March, where 4 teams representing South Island School made an unparalleled comeback after two years by producing some unbelievable results among the best of the best.

The World Scholar’s Cup is one of the largest international academic tournaments in the world, with 3000 students from over 40 countries qualifying to go to the annual WSC Global Round each year. Students participate in four events: impromptu debate, essay writing, the Bowl- where teams solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges, and the Challenge- a series of 6 academic papers.

The event was a fantastic oppwaatunity to exhibit the skills of the South Island School scholars that they’d honed and developed for so long, and the application of aforementioned skills in an academic and competitive environment. It offered a great way to challenge the students, although some of our scholars were notably unfazed by their opponents and all the competition could throw at them.

Nine students from Year 9 and 10, entered the Junior Division and completely annihilated the other competitors whilst breaking through to the second round of the competition. Xiao-Ke, Crystal, and Ava ranked first overall in their division, and naturally, the others didn’t disappoint either with their outstanding ranks and achievements: Austin, Curtis, and Yien ranked 20th overall, and Andre, Han-lon, and Nicholas placed 18th overall.

Michi Kang, Grant Chen, Annie Song also took home the 3rd place Team Prize in the senior collaborative writing section and broke through to the second round of the of the competition- the fierce Global Round which will be held in Bangkok.

But the World Scholar’s Cup is far more than just an academic competition; it is a chance for the students to go beyond their personal and academic boundaries. All of the participants had the opportunity to interact with students from all over Hong Kong, and it was the academic rigor, the evident thirst for knowledge and infinite supply of alpacas carried by all of the participants that made the competition the most fulfilling, yet riveting one of them all.

As quoted by Xiao-ke Lu, who placed 1st individually overall and won the 2015 Globals Scholar’s Challenge, “It goes without saying that the individual awards I won in the WSC were very gratifying, if surprising, but the World Scholar’s Cup transcended the individual. The best part of participating in it was, for me, watching our regiment come together and rise to the challenge as a team — I never cheered harder than when it was announced that all four SIS squads had qualified for the 2016 global round.”