The Innovation: A Night to Remember

Feature story written by Mahira Kumar

Talented models walk down the runway in student Liana Chaplain’s stunning designs.

The lights dimmed and the show began. One by one, models dressed in exquisitely and tastefully crafted outfits, designed by the students of our very own school, sashayed down the makeshift runway. On the 5th of March, South Island School presented the 9th annual Innovation fashion show.

The Innovation is a celebration of students’ creativity — a platform for aspiring designers to showcase their talents and originality. Every year, a new theme is chosen along with a charity to support. This year, the theme of fluidity was chosen to embody the “forever changing tides” and the mindset and thinking to just keep moving forward and going with the flow no matter what comes our way. The charity that was supported was the Changing Young Lives Foundation. The foundation aims to provide relief and support to the underprivileged children in Hong Kong so that they can grow, thrive and look forward to a brighter future. The Innovation was able to raise a whopping 70,000 Hong Kong dollars towards this cause and truly made a difference on behalf of South Island School.

Obviously none of this would have been possible without the hard work, resilience, and cooperation of the organising team. They worked day-in and day-out for months to make sure that the event ran smoothly and the night was one to remember. From organising sponsors to picking out dresses to advertising and so much more, these students did it all.

In order to get a deeper insight into the behind-the-scenes making of the show, I sat down with Liana Chaplain, a Year 12 student who has been involved with The Innovation for several years and this year has taken on the role of Assistant Head Organiser. From model to designer and next year’s head, if there’s anyone who knows the true Innovation, it’s her.

How do you think the night went?

It went really well. Everything ran very smoothly, there weren’t any long, awkward gaps in between, and really no problems on the night of the show. That in itself is very rare and extraordinary because I’ve been involved with the show for many years now and there almost always are some things that do go wrong on the night of the show. So it was really special and kind of relieving, that all our hard work paid off and the night was really great!

Were there any major problems during the months preparing for the show?

There weren’t any major problems on the night of the show but of course like any other big event, we had our own share of hiccups along the way! I guess one that will stick with me, would be the mishap with the roses for Valentine’s Day.

How were you able to overcome such problems?

The team itself was filled with so many intelligent and hardworking students that really wanted to make sure the night went amazingly, so as a team we were able to tackle the issue. I must mention this years Head of Innovation, Dahe Ryoo, who I was working with, really handled all the situations with such a calm, collected and composed attitude that the problems were solved efficiently and we were able to move forward. I certainly learnt so much from her and I look forward to putting that learning into play when I Head Innovation next year.

What are your plans for next year? Are there any changes you would want to make?

I’m really excited to take on the role as Head next year. For so many years I’ve been watching the show and I guess I really just want to be able to put my ideas into the mix and see the Innovation that I’ve envisioned, come to life. One major thing I would probably like to change would definitely be the assignment of the roles.

Any ideas for next year’s theme? Could you give South Island Express an exclusive insight?

I have thought of many ideas for what the theme could be but I know it needs to be something special as it marks such a big turning point, it being the 10th anniversary of The Innovation fashion show. I want it to mark the change and represent what The Innovation really is, which is a celebration and appreciation of creativity in the SIS community. I’m excited.

And so are we. I guess for now we can only wait in anticipation for what next year’s 10-year anniversary of The Innovation fashion show will bring.

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