A Prayer for Independence Day

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Timbers crack

Capitals crumble

A nation scrambles from the carnage wrought

By a porcine joke

Pretending to be king.

Pleas fail

For he is deaf.

The bearers of his litter

Honor lecherous vows

While the country swoons

False prophets

Mirror with egos all their own

For influence

Splattering pigs’ blood upon altars

Formerly sacred

Let the destroyers pass on

To their deserved scorn

Let the nation recover itself

As a place of welcome,

Of opportunity,

Of service to others

A beacon on earth.

Let the church reconstitute

With a new vision of good news

(Not cable news)

Simple faith

In an unseen edifice

Towering above all that crumbles.



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