Autobots, Roll out!

We’re really excited to have announced our latest game in partnership with Backflip Studios and Hasbro, Transformers: Earth Wars for both iOS and Android.

We are currently soft launched in a number of territories around the world. We’re working really hard listening to player feedback, collating data to improve and polish the game experience before we launch the game worldwide.

Many of us are huge fans of the franchise, and it’s been really exciting for us to delve deep into the world, characters and lore of the Transformers Universe.

Now that we’ve made the announcement, you can expect to hear much more in the coming months on this blog, and of course, you can follow us on all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch.

After we’ve launched (and when we have a little time) we’ll be sharing a post-mortem on the blog which we hope will offer some insight into the challenges and benefits of working within an established universe and brand, as well as the challenges that have come with far-reaching innovations we think we’ve made in the genre.

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