Hello World!

The title may well be a cliché, but it feels appropriate. We’ve spent three years hard at work on our games, Samurai Siege and Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin, and we feel now is the time to start more actively contributing to the wider conversation about experience design.

The world of experience design is changing rapidly, and we want to be at the cutting edge. With the rise of social, mobile and and free to play, experience design has never been more important for the video games industry. We think by engaging with the wider design community we can learn and grow, and make our games better, and hope our contributions to the conversation inspire other designers and organisations.

With so much great writing on the subject, we’re not sure where we will fit in, but our ambitious goal is to write every week, whether it’s an in depth critique of an experience, a short interview with someone interesting we’ve spoken to, or even just a quick opinion on another article we’ve read.

We hope you’ll enjoy the content we create, and please give us all the feedback you can. We hope you enjoy the ride!

The Space Ape Games Experience Team

Image Credit: Steffi Reichert

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