My Snow Leopard Guardian Angel

A Personal Reflection on Friendship

John Driggs
The Space of Possibility
9 min readJul 15, 2022



Everyone needs a friend like my Snow Leopard Guardian Angel — a bright light, a beacon, a North Star, a wise counselor, and polished mirror to see your own reflection clearly.

The more people and relationships I encounter, the more I realize how rare and precious a friend you are. With no time or space to waste, you push outward on every wall of my being. Your words and actions never idle or sit stagnant. The gift of your friendship has been — and continues to be — one continuous stream of adventure and growth, a continuous exploration of the Space of Possibility and its biggest questions: questions of truth, of life and love, of consciousness, of It — whatever It ineffably is.

Thank you for the hundreds of miles walked and thousands of words shared along the Wasatch Range. I am reminded of you every time I look up to the snow-capped mountains from the valley. It brings my heart there, to our backyard, to the majesty of the cliffs, to the smell of the pine and wet dirt, to the wind murmuring through the aspens. This is where we grew up. This is where we carved out from within ourselves the depths of divinity and filled it with clarity, gratitude, peace, wonder, and adventure.

Thank you, my friend, with all my heart, for such a rich and expansive journey. I…