For The Spark, With The Spark, By The Spark

Hui Huang
Hui Huang
Jul 2, 2019 · 2 min read

On 1/22/2019 in my journal,
I wrote…
“One of true satisfaction for humans is to grow.
Imagine, no matter age, no matter gender,
no matter countries, no matter background…
we can discover and reflect on…
who I am, where I want to be and what impact I can bring to others.
A global, open and trusted community, we can discover and learn knowledge, team-up for work and start-up creation projects we truly are passionate about”?

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, After listening to Artist John William’s Masterpiece “The Spark” (From “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”/Score), TheSparkOne name was born.

This is the beginning of TheSparkOne Vision Story.

Yes, you have your spark!
Have you ever written it down and reflected on it?

I mean, not a to-do list on a post-it note,
but the gentle thoughts inside a journal.

Sometimes, you write for discovery.
Sometimes, you write for ideas.
Sometimes, you write for inspiring and smiling.
Sometimes, you write for sighing and crying.
Well… it is hard to describe each post.
If you examine them carefully…
They are small, interesting and emotional such that…
You are willing to take a pen to record it.

What should we call them?
Eureka! Spark, yes, a pretty name.

According to “spark” in American English
noun [ C ] US /spɑrk/

a very small bit of something burning that flies out from a fire, or a flash of light seen when an electric current crosses an open space:
A spark of something is a small amount of it:
When students show a spark of interest, I try to give them extra encouragement.

That means, all we need is a small bit… small amount…
to light up your interest…light up the darkness.

When it comes, do you recognize it?
When it talks, do you listen?

I have found that the more we can devote time with sparks, the more we will be able to discover and reflect. It is like having a conversation with yourself.

Why does all this matter?
Wait…I need to check my emails, my social medias and my duties again, again, again!

Well, that is the whole point!

It matters because your busy life doesn’t have a room for personal, quiet, and creative time. Find a quiet place — A pen, a blank page (no lines) and only you! Just do it, you will be amazed about the sparks you have.

These habits are important if you really want to own your words and own your thoughts. No need to worry, you will have to make them first before you check them.

To conclude on this short vision essay:
We truly believe everyone has the spark..
Spend time with your spark by thinking, trying and acting…
You will be the spark that inspires others.

If this resonates with you, please support TheSparkOne Mission & Vision
by doing these little things:

  1. Signup & join the Spark.One community at
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An open incubation network where people, ideas, and value…

Hui Huang

Written by

Hui Huang

TheSparkOne Network
Hui Huang

Written by

Founder, CEO & Architect of TheSparkOne Network — An unstoppable collaboration network that motivates and guides you and your team to move spark forward.

TheSparkOne Network

An open incubation network where people, ideas, and value thrive.

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