Meet Early Member — Zihua He

An Interview with Junior DevOps Engineer Intern: Zihua He

Yinyin Lu
Yinyin Lu
Nov 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Written by Ransom Kong

Zihua appreciates projects with a big vision and immediately connected TheSpark.One project at a very early time.

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I met the founder, Hui Huang, through a college classmate. He was already involved and he sparked my interest in the project. I asked if there were any possibilities that I could be involved. So we had a conversation with Hui who talked me through the vision and basic concepts.

It was a chance to start in a blockchain project. Blockchain & Web 3.0 is next wave of internet. I would like to learn and gain hands-on experience in blockchain oriented project.

My primary role is Junior DevOps Engineer. I’m involved in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous deployment. I work with development team together on building automated procedures to accelerate software testing and deployment. We also participate architecting infrastructure design together.

When they have an inspiration of ideas, they will come to our platform to log it. We have community to engage collaboration easily and our proof-of-spark will build up history of creation journey.

I worked in the cyber security field so when I found out how blockchain can enhance security, I was very interested. No matter local community or online community, you can always get help or contribute helps to others. It is open and active.

I moved here from China about four years ago. I have travelled extensively to many states of the US. I have visited the east and west coasts and the south. I loved hiking in nature of many of these places.

Funny, the first thing that came to my mind was an elephant. I don’t why. Maybe it is the biggest land creature. It is dominant in the jungle. I think very big.

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