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Yinyin Lu
Yinyin Lu
Oct 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Written by: Ransom Kong

In this interview, I was as always inspired by the sheer joy, passion, and conviction of Hui Huang, Founder and CEO of TheSparkOne Network. It was challenging to process the innovative concepts of the new way of ideation creation. I couldn’t help but always have in the back of my mind that the future is really now.

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What would be most important skill for you or kids to have to prepare for the future?

If we could ask, ‘What would be most important skill for you or kids to have to prepare for the future?’, what would your answer be? We asked this question to Hui Huang, founder & visionary of TheSparkOne network. She passionately answered, it is the skill to dream what’s possible, try what is possible and make the possible happen. TheSparkOne believes talents can take effective training for proof-of-skill and teams can join creation or innovation projects by taking challenges. TheSparkOne mission is to make it insanely easy for anyone to develop their personal interest toward training and creation.

There is not much that anyone can say or do to quell Hui’s optimism. She is a visionary, idealist, and innovator who believes that great ideas come from small sparks with imagination, discovery, and empathy. She continued by stating, “Practice thinking creatively and clearly are super important in the coming future. Humans, no matter if it was ancient or post-modern times we are living in now, we are wired to connect, but most importantly, connect in a meaningful and joyful way. For activities like learning a new skill, working together to solve a problem, self-expressing in art, writing, and helping others in the community, no one can complete these activities without hard work and not bring true joy, true meaning. It takes honesty, accountability, and hope in one to another. We must develop personal and collective thinking; work together to make great things happen.”

Can you describe a simple case for me?

Imagine you saw your grandma who doesn’t know how to use fancy gadgets today. However, for some urgent case, she just needs a big red button to trigger a message for a specific purpose to her family member like you. You know there might be a super simple solution for your grandma. But you don’t have technological skills or everyone told you this is a silly idea and it won’t make any business sense.

So, what do you do? Before TheSpark.One, we can probably imagine what’s next, there is no action afterward and even no one knows you and this spark.

Inside TheSparkOne, we invite you to write that spark story first as a note. Then you might think why not interacting with this community for feedback. That’s why we are also working on spark intelligence, which suggests effective reading, networking or possible creative sparks that come out of the original spark. And you are still in your control. When you reflect and ask if you still want to do it, hopefully you will be more inspired and your answer will be a yes! In our ecosystem, we would verify experts or trained talents to team up for challenges for different phases like ideation, prototype, and product or service. You can shop a challenge package, we make it easy to engage with trusted teams. These are technical teams I am referring to but as we roll out our product we will include all the different functional teams perform and educate our users on all the tools we have available.

Can TheSparkOne’s five year plan innovate to scale for the future?

Since we are building a thriving ecosystem with network and markets, we would have multiple useful and in-network interactions which produce trust and value. It is critical to have efficiency, fair and trust to support it. Due to our main mission, we would continuously have talents coming into the network and people would develop their sparks for local or global collaboration.

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I was thinking loud, “How about the challenge of allowing 4th or 5th grade kids to express their sparks? Just thinking about how children can naturally train their minds makes me think TheSpark.One could be a revolutionary platform that nurtures the next Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein!”

Overall, recording your spark can be a great personal habit. When you share, not only you can get authentic feedbacks but it can inspire another spark. Our creation network helps you to manage your project like taking challenges with virtual teams. This will build the trust of creation and enable valuable outputs. They are trackable, tradable, and investable. That is virtual world — Sparkland we can experience soon.

After our interview, it took awhile to wrap my head around the dizzying innovation of this project. Ironically however, the future success of this transformational learning ecosystem depends on the successful ideation creation of TheSparkOne project. I reflected on the question, “Can it be done I ask?” I smile, a spark comes to mind. With a visionary Like Hui, the answer is a resounding, Yes!

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