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By Mikayla Ruby

Question: How much do you worry about student debt and its impact on affording things once you graduate?

As someone who is paying their own way through school, I definitely find myself concerned about student debt. However, I do feel I’m focused more on the semester to semester payments at this point in time as opposed to those payments that will happen post graduation.

Abigail Wurzbach, Class of 2023, Business Administration Major

Abigail Wurzbach

All throughout my life I knew I wanted to attend college, so my family and I started a savings account just to pay for college so that when I got this far I wouldn’t have to worry about student debt or struggle to get my payments on time. I currently have enough saved to pay for all four years of schooling, but if I commit to going to med school that’ll be a different story. I wish more parents would encourage their kids to save ip and help them the way my parents did because student debt can cause knew graduates to sink before they even graduate, making it harder to start their lives.

Madison Cook, Class of 2024, Medical Laboratory Science Major

Madison Cook

Student debt is a big part of my decisions while I work on campus and try to limit it as much as possible after graduation.

Brody Hageneder, Class of 2024, Computer/Electrical Engineering Majors

Brody Hageneder

I worry about debt a lot because I am paying for college by myself without any form of a college fund. To minimize the student debt I will graduate with, I am working several on campus jobs and saving as much money as possible. I have high anxiety when thinking about how much I will be in debt after I graduate causing me to not be able to afford essential items like food.

Sarah Oliveri, Class of 2024, Music Education Major

Sarah Oliveri

I worry about it a little bit, but I know I’ll be making good money.

Bridget Hicks, Class of 2024, Nuclear Medicine Major

Bridget Hicks

Mikayla Ruby, is a sophomore and a double major in Professional Writing and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.


What is your favorite place to visit away from the York College of Pennsylvania campus and why?

Should college athletes be paid and be allowed to make as much money as they can? Why or why not?

How safe/comfortable do LGBTQ+ students feel on the Yok College campus?




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