Uller’s Outdoor: An iconic York ski shop reborn

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3 min readOct 27, 2021


The new shop is located at 1031 Haines Road in East York, just off I-83. (Photo provided by Renee Tacka)

By Ben Weyman

For more than a year, Uller’s Ski and Board had been in a state of uncertainty regarding its future.

On Oct. 16, the shop reopened under a new name: Uller’s Outdoor. Now under new management and in a new location, York County finally has its iconic ski shop back.

Uller’s Ski and Board was started and operated by Craig Miller, who kept the shop open for almost 40 years. Uller’s is a longtime local favorite, as proven by the overwhelmingly positive reviews: 4.9 out of 5 stars, according to Google Reviews.

Unfortunately, on Oct. 16, 2020, Craig died after battling health issues. Before his death, however, talks regarding a change in ownership were held.

“We tried to buy but he [Miller] passed away,” Michael March, a former York College professor and one of the people spearheading the new ownership, says. “We didn’t want York to not have a ski sales and service shop.”

The acquisition of the Uller’s brand eventually went through and the new ownership got right to work revitalizing the company.

“We bought the store right at the end of 2020, so 2021 has been finding a new location,” March adds. “We wanted to get something we could really fix up and make more modern looking.”

The new shop, located at 1031 Haines Road in East York, had a soft launch more than a week ago appropriately on the one-year anniversary of Miller’s death.

It has not been easy, though. March spoke of several challenges the shop has faced.

“Ordering the newest stuff for the ski season [is a challenge],” March says. “What’s a good mix of product?” Once the product is ordered, getting it delivered is another issue.

“We’re having supply chain issues. We have probably 80% of our inventory,” he says.

Still, customers should not be worried about a lack of inventory- “We ordered in some really neat equipment and people will be pleased when you enter the shop,” March says.

Exterior of the new shop. (Photo provided by Renee Tacka)
Boots and other inventory. (Photo provided by Renee Tacka)

The soft launch earlier this month was the perfect time to reopen as people all over the Northeast prepare to hit the slopes in just over a month. While ordering equipment online might be easier, going to a physical shop is the best way to ensure the quality and fit of your gear, he said.

“People buy online and it doesn’t fit,” March says, responding to a question about online vs. in-person shopping. “When you come into a shop, you get lots of questions [from the staff]. The staff are all from the original businesses and can get people in the right equipment.”

The store has been open for over a week, but the main event is still to come: March says there are plans for a grand opening early next month.

The shop is open six days a week, closed only on Mondays. Check the website for the times it’s open.

“The grand opening is Nov. 6. There will be some demos, and a tuning special where you get $10 off the tuning price,” March says. In addition, there will be free food, drawings for gift cards and shirts, and more.

After a tumultuous year, Uller’s has finally found its footing. York has regained not just a handy outdoor shop but a local staple that has faithfully served customers for decades.

York Countians can ski safely knowing that Uller’s has their backs.

You can find Uller’s Outdoor at 1031 Haines Road or by visiting ullers.com.


Ben Weyman is a junior majoring in Mass Communication.