Announcing: The Bridge Academy Build Challenge 🏗

Adam Breckler
Mar 26 · 3 min read

April, 2019 Edition

TLDR: Pick up a new technology and get a crack at over $100k in scholarships to join Bridge.Academy’s technology career accelerator!

## Calling all Developers 📢 ##

If so, the Bridge.Academy build challenge might be right for you.

We’re excited to announce the next challenge, kicking off in April to help accelerator your learning process through participating in the Bridge Academy Build Challenge.

Here’s how it works

Applicants receive points based on their progress. The more impressive your pace of improvement, the higher your score will be and better your chances for being accepted to our program.

You can read about past challenge winners and their projects here.

## Prizes ##

## The Process ##

## How to Participate ##

  1. Join our discord chat here to find collaborators and chat with the community about your project idea.

## Project Ideas & Inspiration ##

Here’s a list of project ideas we’d like to see built during this challenge:

  1. Blocktrivia: A decentralized trivia app where anybody from world can participate (regardless of what time zone they are from) and get instantly rewarded for their knowledge (Blockchain track)
  2. Knowtable: A fully-encrypted note taking app built using Blockstack made for Mobile. Can be forked from an open source project like Joplin. (Blockchain track)
  3. Credible: A Blockchain powered solution for Consumer credit reporting agency. (Blockchain track)
  4. MailMonkey: An email marketing/newsletter subscription service that allows the creator to truly own the email address captured. With MailChimp and other services, all emails are stored on their servers. This could be built on Blockstack, leveraging something like SendGrid or MailGun. (Blockchain track)
  5. TweetTheBook: A web app that fetches the most “tweetable” quotes from any book depending on how many times they have been tweeted.(Full Stack Track)
  6. PersonGraph: A web app that fetches the best blogs, tweets, articles from the internet for any individual in real time. (Basically, build an for everyone in real time) (Full Stack Track)
  7. PredictIT: An ML model that predicts the winner of a match between two teams by taking in the players’ performances over the past six months on different parameters. (ML Track)
  8. AI.DAO: A DAO which gives out grants for AI Research to deserving fellows. (Blockchain Track)

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