Breakout Companies MEMO #6- OneSignal

Ankit Kumar Singh
Aug 16, 2019 · 6 min read

“If you join a company, my general advice is to join a company on a breakout trajectory.” — Sam Altman, President at Y Combinator

In this sixth edition of Breakout Jobs, we are profiling OneSignal, the market leader Push Notification Solutions for mobile applications and websites.

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What is a Breakout Job?

What is OneSignal?

OneSignal makes it easy for developers to add personalized mobile push notifications or web push notifications to their apps.


The company started with a plan where developers won’t have to pay anything until they’re delivering notifications to 8 million devices.


  1. The company previously started as a startup building games and graduated out of YC 2011 batch.
  2. OneSignal then made a pivot to Push Notifications and raised $7M in Series A led by SignalFire.
  3. Last month, the company raised its most recent round of $25M to further boost its growth.

Further Funding Risk

Taking these factors into consideration, getting further funding doesn’t seem to be an issue.

The Team



  1. George Deglin: Co-founder and CEO at OneSignal. Previously co-founder and CTO at Uversity. Studied at UC Berkeley.
  2. Long Vo: Co-Founder and COO. Previously founder of Gaia Interactive; Studied at UC Berkeley.
  3. Joe Wilm: CTO at OneSignal. Previously Senior Software Engineer at, Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin.
  4. Josh Wetzel: CRO at OneSignal, Previously, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing at eBay, EVP at Bazaarvoice; Director of BD at CBSi.
  5. Zack Hendlin: Leads Product at OneSignal. Previously PM at Facebook; Senior PM at LinkedIn. Graduate of UC Berkeley & MIT.
  6. Lydia Fayal: Leads Business Development & Marketing. Previously founder and CEO at AdmitSee, CMO at Schoold. Graduate of Johns Hopkins & UPenn.
  7. Jonathan Tillingston: Leads Finance. Previously VP of Finance at Kahuna; Founder and President of Executive Outcome.
  8. Lee Munroe: Leads Design at OneSignal. First Design Hire at Mailgun; Product Design Manager at Mesosphere.
  9. Matt Foley: Leads Field Sales at OneSignal. Previously VP of Sales at Origami Logic (now Intuit); Senior seller at Gigya & Sprinklr.
  10. Bryan Smith, VP of Engineering at OneSignal. Previously Senior Director of Engineering at

The company is very highly rated by its employees as an excellent place to work at.



2. Market Dominance: OneSignal truly dominates the market for push notifications with more SDK integrations than all other push platforms combined.

The product is used by 71% of all websites on the internet with web push notifications. (SOURCE: Builtwith)

One other remarkable stat:

The product reaches 40% of all smartphone users in the world.

The company recently partnered with Microsoft to make it easy to get SQL-like analytics on notification performance, comprehensive views of customer paths through your app, and much more. This will allow Microsoft Visual Studio App developers to easily use OneSignal as a messaging solution across their digital consumer experiences.

Now with $25M in the bank and an exclusive partnership with Microsoft as their app center push provider, OneSignal will likely further increase its dominance.

Marquee Clients

The company hosts a number of marquee companies ranging from Product Hunt to Zynga to The Princeton Review who use its services.

You can read all the Case Studies here:


Email platforms have had several notable exits, including the recent acquisition of Sendgrid by Twilio, which is valued at nearly $3B. As for push? It’s yet to be seen what the ultimate market value of OneSignal could be… We’re guessing big, but how big is the question?


  1. Leanplum: Launched 2012; raised $98M in funding; private
  2. Airship: Launched 2009; raised $100M in funding; private

Notable Points

  1. Focus on Developers: Similar to Stripe, OneSignal puts developers first. The company has focused on Developers from Day 1. This bottoms-up approach works very well in new markets.
  2. Product Releases: The rate at which OneSignal ships products is astounding — almost every month their newsletter features multiple product launches. They recently launched email and in-app messaging, to establish an omni-channel marketing platform.

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