Bridge Academy Winter 18' Fellows

Bridge Academy- Alpha Cohort Roundup 🎓

A summary from the Inaugural Bridge Academy *Alpha* Cohort.

Ankit Kumar Singh
Jan 28, 2019 · 5 min read

In late 2018, we started Bridge.Academy, as an initiative for talented developers to gain expertise, exposure, and opportunities to break into the blockchain industry.

The question we were looking to answer was:

Could we take developers from all over the world and give them the fundamental building blocks to build decentralized applications using blockchain technology in 3 months?

Our Co-founder and CEO, Adam Breckler has written more in detail about why we are building Bridge here:

In this blog post, we do a roundup of the top 10 projects that we saw in our first cohort at Bridge Academy.

Let’s go!


OSSMO provides a new approach to sustainably fund open source software projects (OSS). The vision is to enable zero friction financial transactions between software developers who use OSS and OSS project authors, by allowing users to opt into mining cryptocurrency at the time of OSS installation.

About Jacob Beard

An alumnus of McGill University, Jacob is a Technology Consulatant currently serving as the CEO of Jacobean Research and Development.

Check out his profile on GitHub

Check out the demo by Jacob Beard here:

RFID Identification on Blockchain

Next, Sara Wong, created an RFID two-factor authentication service that encrypts and stores an RFID (with a user) in an Ethereum Smart Contract.

About Sara Wong

Sara Wong

Based in Seattle, Sara is currently working as a Full Stack Developer at Lively Inc. Prior to this, she was working as a Front End Developer at Amazon Web Services.

Check out her profile on GitHub

Project Demo


CardBase is a decentralized Contact manager built on Blockstack with the end goal of creating a Sybil resistant authentication mechanism for other dApps.

About Sagar Chaudhary

Sagar Chaudhary

Hailing from Bangalore, India, Sagar is a Full Stack Developer currently working as an Associate Software Engineer at Exotel. Check out his profile on GitHub.

CardBase Demo


Xertify is a reliable and secure platform that helps institutions generate digital certified documents with the security of Blockchain technology created by Danny Suarez.

About Danny Suarez

Danny Suarez

Hailing from Colombia, Danny is currently serving as the CTO of two startups, Xertify and Hometuls. Recently, Hometuls was the selected as the Best Colombian StartUp in Colombia this year by SeedStarts. Check out his work on GitHub.

Project Demo

CryptoTickets- Events Tickets as ERC721 Tokens

Made by Felipe Boyd, CryptoTickets allows event creators to issue tickets for their events and collect ether payments for them. The tickets are issued as NFTs which enables an immutable proof that a ticket owner owns a specific ticket for an event.

About Felipe Boyd

Felipe is a freelance Web Developer working helping startups and companies with his skills.

Prior to this, he was in the healthcare industry implementing, training, and developing ERP software. Check out his profile on GitHub.

Project Demo


Metro is a decentralized exchange that enables electronic trading and settlement on the Ethereum blockchain.

Check out the project here:

About Jamal O’Garro

Jamal O’Garro is a Full Stack Web Developer with more than 10 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry. Prior to this, he has worked as a Software Engineer at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Currently, he is teaching JS at Columbia University.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Project Demo


Made by Kyle Shaun Aquino, Psycellium is a platform for Decentralized Cooperatives.

About Kyle Shaun Aquino

Kyle is a 19-year-old from Phillipines studying Computer Science at the Technological University of the Philippines — Manila.

You can follow him on Twitter.

Project Demo


Prim is a secure, decentralized personal relationship manager built on Blockstack by Charlie Depman.

About Charlie Depman

Coming from San Francisco, California, Charlie is currently working as Senior Engineer, Solutions and Partnerships at Scoot Networks. Check out his profile on GitHu

Here is Charlie giving a demo of his project Prim.

Gaia Stats

Gaia stats provides users with an interface to manage files on Gaia storage.

You can check out the project here:

You can check out the demo of the project over here by maker, Salil Gautam.

About Salil Gautam

Living in India, Salil Gautam is a final year undergraduate student from Army Institute of Technology, Pune.

Check out his profile on GitHub.

Project Demo

News Block

Made by Aziz Ahmed, News Block is an app that allows users to write and publish news. It provides GUI to compose and publish a piece of news. The news is then stored in Gaia with multi-user storage.

About Aziz Ahmed

Based in New Zealand and coming from Pakistan, Aziz Ahmed Khanis a Salesforce Certified Developer. You can check his profile on GitHub.

Here is Aziz doing a Demo of News Block.

We have started accepting fellows for our Second Cohort at Bridge Academy which begins in the first week of March 2019. You can apply by clicking on the link below.

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Blockchain Development(Full Time)-

Full Stack Web Development(Full Time)-

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