Introducing The Xpo.Network — Community Rewards Platform

Today we are excited to announce that our community rewards platform (previously codenamed “prism”) that we’ve been working on in private beta for the last 5 months is launching today into public beta as Xpo.Network.

What is Xpo.Network?

Simply, Xpo.Network is a platform for token-based networks to further engage with and grow their own communities through incentivized tasks.

We created Xpo because we couldn’t find any good solutions beyond the most basic (google forms + telegram groups) to manage common community engagement tasks like bug bounties, surveys, translations, etc.

These are just a few of the different use-cases that it turns out a fully white-labeled and configurable community development platform can enable.

See more how it works here and for a background on why we think community development is the next most important trend, read this.

Why “Xpo”?

Short for “Expo” — We’re excited about the meanings and possibilities behind this new brand name (exponential, exponent, expo etc) and how it aligns with our goals to create a network of community contribution sites. As part of the process of the re-branding we will also be moving the domain to host company-related information.

ex·po·nent — noun: a person who believes in and promotes the truth or benefits of an idea or theory.

Our mission with Xpo is:

To help enable the next-generation of token-based networks to grow and engage their communities as co-creators.

How does it work?

1) Launch your contributor page —

Create a hosted page that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your online presence — quickly change the look with HTML, CSS theming and even use your own custom subdomain.

2) Start a new campaign —

Choose from amongst various campaign templates to accomplish your goals and collect responses in any format, text, video and more.

3) Manage rewards —

After contributors participate project creators can approve their contributions and let contributors earn rewards for their work.

6 core design principles

1,2) Reputation & Incentivization —

Contributors are incentivized to submit high-quality contributions to maintain their reputation and incentivized through rewards for their submissions.

3,4) Self-Expression & Collaboration —

Project creators are able to customize their community page to match their project’s own branding for collaborating w/ their community.

5,6) Transparency & Trust —

A public history of past submissions of both contributors and projects along w/ approval rates ensures transparency both for projects and contributors.

The Xpo Network of Communities

We’re excited to parter with a fantastic group of pilot projects that comprise the broader Xpo network.

Featured communities on the XPO.Network

Take a look at some of the featured communities here.

What’s next?

Here are some upcoming features we have planned:

  1. Automated task verifications (via oracles) — to speed up the process of approving tasks.
  2. Escrow payments (via smart contracts) — for streamlining reward payments.
  3. Referral Program — to help grow community referrals.


  1. Is there an Xpo token? No — the Xpo network doesn’t use or require its own token for projects or contributors to participate. We’ve optimized the process for removing as much un-necessary friction as possible.
  2. Can I apply as a contributor to find projects? Currently the best way to find projects to work for is to browse the gallery of projects here.
  3. Do I need to have a crypto-related project to participate? No — though the platform is tailored for crypto projects in mind, having a token is not a requirement to use it.

Want to help? Apply to become an ambassador!

Know a bunch of crypto projects and want to earn for referring them?

Click here to apply to our ambassador program to get rewarded for referring projects to us.

About the Author

Adam Breckler is the Founder of Prism Labs. is built by Prism Labs, a Y-Combinator backed startup based in San Francisco. We’re actively hiring!

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