Prism Labs & Blockstack Partner to Reward Community Members through ‘Proof of Contribution’

We’re excited to announce today our newest partnership with Blockstack.

At Prism Labs our mission is:

To enable the next generation of token-based networks to strengthen and grow their communities by incentivizing participation.

When we first spoke with the Blockstack team, it was clear from the start that their approach to Privacy, Security and Self-Sovereign Identity enabled by the Blockchain was directly aligned with our mission.

Implementing Blockstack’s libraries like Blockstack.js to enable simple and secure login into Prism IO’s community development platform which will help us allow users to control their own identities and data when contributing to bounty campaigns on our platform.

We believe that in order to bring the new wave of decentralized Internet services to the mass-market there will need to be more efficient on-ramps for users to participate in these token networks by earning tokens for their expertise, contributions and hard work.

Here is what the Blockstack-branded version of Prism looks like. Since Prism IO is fully customizable it can even live off of the project’s domain: e.g:

Why is this important?

Enabling self-sovereign individuals is just the first step towards building self-sovereign communities and providing these communities with ways to effectively manage work is the next important challenge to be faced after developing the initial network.

This partnership helps bring us one step closer to this goal.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Right now we’re accepting projects onto the platform. Sign up for the beta via the link below:

You can also read more about the announcement on Blockstack’s blog here.

About the Author

Adam Breckler is the Founder of Prism Labs, makers of Prism.IO, a Community Development Platform.

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