Prism.IO — Q4 Update

At Prism, we use the OKR method for setting quarterly goals and keeping our distributed team of 6 in sync and accountable. Below is our quarterly report on Q4 and a look ahead at Q1 2018.

25 Customers

Some of the customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with

To date we’ve on-boarded 25 paying customers onto the Prism platform from both B2B and B2C industries.

124 Companies from 19 Countries

YC Summer 2017 Stats (

Last August we graduated from Y Combinator’s Summer 17' class along with a group of 124 amazing startups from all over the world.

We were proud to join this community of innovators and to be included in many lists of the Top 10 Startups coming out of the batch (here, here).

Dozens of features

Our pace of new product development really accelerated in Q4 due to new team members. Of the various features we’ve packed into our latest product release including:

  1. Survey Support & Protocol Templates
  2. Integrations with Stripe & MixPanel
  3. Metrics / Reporting Dashboard

We’re really excited about these updates and hope you are too!

10 New Investors, 2 New Team Members

We’ve been fortunate enough to gain the support of 10 new investors from whom we are excited to share our journey with and to learn from.

We’ve also added 2 new team members to help with Growth/Development and Research. You can see more info here on our open positions.

What’s next?

Prism.IO On-site Insights BETA

You can expect even more from us in 2018 including:

  1. More of the same — Improvements to our existing product features to make sure they are even more discoverable, usable and powerful.
  2. Something new — We excited to push the boundaries of what is possible with our product and are working on new (alpha) and (beta) features.

About the Author

Adam Breckler is the Founder of Prism Labs (Prism.IO)

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