The Current State of Earning Crypto Currency in 2018 (POLL)

At Xpo.Network we thought it would be interesting to run a poll surveying crypto and non-crypto buyers a like, along-side our own community to get a sense for how they felt about earning crypto currency in 2018.

If you assumed that the demand for earning crypto currency had died off along-side the dip in speculation and prices, these results will surprise you.

Our Methodology

For our poll, we received responses from over 300 members of the Xpo.Network community, for many of whom, the concept of earning crypto currency is a relatively new concept. We were also careful to include a statistically significant cross section of both psychographic and demographic characteristics and to include outside members as well to control for bias.

What we discovered was the following.

Note: Many of the questions allow for multiple choices (checkboxes), so the numbers don’t add up to 100%.

1) In 2018, more respondents bought, earned or were airdropped a crypto-currency than participated in an ICO 💸

Perhaps due to the decreasing popularity of ICO’s in 2018, most respondents who acquired crypto currency did so through buying it (on an exchange) or through a bounty or airdrop.

2) In 2018, most people still earn ~0% of their income through crypto-currencies 💰

This result probably isn’t that surprising given the current reality of earning crypto currency is that the opportunities just aren’t there.

3) Most people want to earn between 5% and 10% of their incomes in crypto-currencies 🤑

This was one of the most surprising insights from the poll, as we had assumed maybe that most respondents would answer 5% or less.

What this seems to indicate is a large gap between the desire of earners to get paid in crypto currency and their current opportunities to do so.

What also stood out was that almost 1/4 (24%) of users reported wanting to earn at least 50% of their income in crypto!

4) Bitcoin is still King when it comes to the most desired crypto 👑

While this might not come as a big surprise, it was Bitcoin that rose to the top of the poll when respondents were asked which crypto currency they most desired to earn.

Followed distantly by Ethereum and then Stablecoins, the takeaway here is that Bitcoin is still the gold standard of cryptos and perhaps that when crypto is earned (vs speculated on) users have an even higher standard.

5) Surveys are the most popular way to earn crypto currencies 💻

Again, no big surprises here, but most respondents preferred surveys as a way to earn crypto currency.

Notably, they also frequently mentioned consulting or other task-oriented projects, perhaps a clue that they are looking to earn larger amounts.

In Conclusion

From the results of this poll its clear that demand for earning crypto currency hasn’t gone away, though it has migrated away from tokens (ICO’s) and into more ‘trusted’ crypto assets like Bitcoin & Ethereum.

What remains to be seen in the remainder of 2018 and on-wards is wether more opportunities to earn crypto currency present themselves to contributors and how the demand for these assets changes over time as they become more widely accepted & common-place.

About the Author

Adam Breckler is the Founder of Prism Labs, makers of Xpo.Network, a Community Development Platform.

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