A random sampling of iphone screenshots

What do your screenshots say about you?

Recently on Twitter, Danielle Morrill, kicked off a full-on display of “the power of the screenshot” by posing the following question:

What followed next…
A flurry of frequently used emoji screenshots

What’s fascinating about this fast and furious exchange of emojis isn’t just:

  1. The fact that certain emojis stick out as much more common than others (e.g: winky face).
  2. The fact that you could get a good glimpse into someone’s personality just by seeing their most commonly used emojis.
  3. The fact that there appear to be clear differences between men’s & women’s usage of emojis.

What stood out above all else about this exchange was that:

There was simply no other way than taking a screenshot to share this unique snippet of content.

The same is true of the following:

The mobile screenshot has become the standard (and often only) way of sharing most digital, “in-app” experiences.

Next time you take a screenshot, try to examine the following questions:

  1. What else could someone learn about you just from this single screenshot?
  2. What else could you find out about someone just by taking a look through their screenshots folder on their camera roll?

Think about the last dozen screenshots you shared…more likely than not, they looks something like the image at the top of this post. A seemingly random collection of screenshots…until…

Examine each one more closely and you will find that each screenshot has its unique context in which it was taken, person it was shared with and story it was chosen to tell.

So…what do your screenshots say about you?


Adam Breckler is the Founder & CEO of Blink, a simple app for sharing smarter screenshots with friends.

You can find him on twitter @adambreckler, tweeting away (all different kinds of screenshots).

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