The Rapper 2 Chainz, not to be confused with “On-Chain”.

Why the future of work isn’t online or on-demand, it’s “On-Chain”.

Adam Breckler
Nov 27, 2018 · 3 min read
On-Chain cash-flow requires work to be performed On-Chain as well.

Why On-Chain Work Opportunities?

As much of the work and meta-data associated with the work to be On-Chain and/or easily auditable.

Work that won’t be brought On-Chain anytime soon.

Most current forms of what we call ‘work’ can’t or won’t be brought On-Chain.

Who will contribute to the On-Chain economy?

1) Specialized Funds

2) Developers

3) Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Some Examples of On-Chain Earning Opportunities

Have other On-Chain work opportunities to add?

Submit them here on Github

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Adam Breckler is the Founder of Prism Labs, building Xpo.Network, and Bridge.Academy.

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