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20 anti-resolutions for 2016

Things I’ll carry on doing, because really we’re all doing okay

Today I’d usually be thinking about all the new stuff I’ll be doing next year, setting up a brand new blog I’ll inevitably get bored of by April, and looking back on the year just gone with a cynical eye.

This time I’m looking at resolutions in a different way, because I’m tired of spending every 31 December thinking I’ve spent the year the ‘wrong’ way and should make plans to ‘improve’.

Basically, we’re all doing just fine in life and should be praising all the great stuff we did in 12 months instead. So, here are 20 things from 2015 that I’m going to keep doing in 2016.

1. Keep telling myself that I can do things, and I will

2. Keep adding books to my TBR list

3. Keep pushing my comfort zone one step at a time

4. Keep being curious and questioning things that don’t make my brain zing

5. Keep messaging my best friends every day

6. Keep doing the stuff that makes my soul happy

7. Keep batting away the stuff that doesn’t

8. Keep paying people compliments

9. Keep kissing my cats first thing every morning and last thing at night

10. Keep taking breaks from life behind a screen

11. Keep finding new things to do in Leeds

12. Keep telling my husband he’s cute

13. Keep exploring new hobbies that interest me

14. Keep noting down book ideas

15. Keep practicing forgiveness

16. Keep making awesome plans, and sticking to them

17. Keep enjoying spontaneity

18. Keep choosing positivity

19. Keep speaking up

20. Just. Keep. Writing

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