Do You Believe In A Pre-Determined Path?

I have a horoscope for you. Yes, you read this right — bare with me for a moment. This is not the horoscope you would usually see, but rather one I would write for you. It is my present to you today:

Scorpio (or whatever sign you are) — Monthly Horoscope for the Month of September (and every month from now on)

This is a good month to do what every you choose to do. Make decisions based on your intuition and what feels right for your family. Be kind and considerate, show gratitude, and believe in your own dreams. If you follow this advice, you never have to read another horoscope again. You determine your life. Now stop reading horoscopes and follow your passion. You determine your future, not the stars

I lied to you. This is not a gift from me to you, but a gift from you to yourself. The gift of self-determination, exploration, and unlimited possibilities.

Use it well.



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