Father’s Day Fix

Father’s Day cometh, and a card won’t cut it. You know this.

Don’t panic. We have it all worked out.

A SPOKE gift card is plainly the best idea you’ve had — but no-one likes a hard sell — so here are 8 more from the top drawer:

1. Quiet Rebellion Socks

Typically, a sock gift is the outward sign of a bankrupt imagination — but not these. We love Quiet Rebellion. Socks with erudite attitude — beautifully made and packaged too.

Use code ‘spoke’ for 10% off all products.

2. Ginger Pig Butchery Course

Is there anything in this life more ‘man’ than butchering meat? No. No there isn’t. London-based Dads will love this butchering course from the Ginger Pig. And if that’s too far, code GPIG20 will get you £20 off a £50 meat order at Hubbub.co.uk — so at least he can flex his BBQ muscles.

3. 30-Second Quantum Theory

Supplement your Dad’s hardening convictions with some real facts — the ’30 second’ series will give him enough to hold forth on subjects as diverse as Quantum Theory and Architecture. Beautifully designed, too.

4. Beaufort & Blake Linen Shirt

There’s something about the 4pm crumpled linen look that speaks effortless style for Dads of all ages.

Use code SPOKE16 for 10% off.

5. A Set of Tiles

We’ve buried this at number 5 — but we could evangelise about these for hours. Over the next year, a set of tiles will save days of his time searching for lost keys, phones, wallets, remotes … get yourself a set too.

6. Mahabis

There’s no escaping it — Dads and slippers go together like England football and ignominious quarter final exits (if they’re lucky). In a pair of Mahabis he’ll have a truly 21st century slipper — as comfortable off-roading in the garden as it is in the house.

Use code SPOKE10 for 10% off the entire range until the end of June.

7. Craft Whisky Subscription

You had us at ‘whiskey subscription’. A monthly delivery of fine whiskeys from around the world. A gift that keeps on giving.

8. Bailey Nelson Sunglasses

Because, it’s June — and he’ll look great in these classic tortoiseshell shades.

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