Mentorship Program Application Form

Are you looking for professional guidance? Do you want to mold the future of you industry or just share your experience? If yes, it sounds like you should sign up for our Mentorship Program.


Our primary goal at SPOTT is to bridge the gap between between students and professionals locally and abroad.

Our Mentorship Program does just that by matching students and young professionals with mentors established in their respective careers.

The program is designed from the ground up to mutually benefit both mentors and mentees alike.

Our students and young professionals will gain access to more experienced individuals/experts they can turn to for professional advice, in turn fostering a better understanding of both local market and the wider global environment.

Our mentors get the chance to give back to their industries as well as gain access to smart, vibrant, driven, young rising stars who are today making ripples but are poised to become movers-and-shakers in their own right.

We at SPOTT are committed to providing a space for our mentors and mentees to network and explore exciting opportunities.

The Mentorship Program is designed with three-, six-, and twelve-month sessions. These sessions provide the core foundation for — what we see as — an invaluable ongoing professional relationship.

Requirement for Mentors & Mentees

  • Complete an application describing your educational, personal and professional background.
  • Subscribe to our email list and like our social media pages.
  • Commit to the time and communication requirement as mutually agreed upon between mentor and mentee (professional communication can take the form of in-person meetings, phone calls, or email exchanges). At a minimum, there should be at least one documented* mentorship session per month.
SPOTT will review all applications and make the matches based on the information provided. Matches will be based on availability, career goals/interests of the student and the professional experience of the mentor.


  • October 1st — Application Deadline
  • December 1st — Applicants will be notified of the status of their application
  • Program Dates — January to March, January to June, January to December

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with SPOTT in another capacity you can contact us at

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