Salute, mi familia!

Just a month ago, I made the decision to join the company Spright, and I’ve never looked back since. My name is Calvin, I am the Head of Product at a 20-person startup located in the heart of San Francisco. In the past, I’ve worked at various early- to mid- stage startups and I’ve never came across a company with such a remarkable culture. Friends and family have asked me why I’ve joined this company, and the answer is quite simple — I didn’t join a company, I joined a family.

Our company have one mission, to guide everyone to a healthier living. The meaning of healthy living can vary individually, but to us, it means being active, mindful, balance, open and happy. These attributes immensely defines Spright’s company culture. At Spright, we believe in order to achieve our mission, we must follow what we preach.

If you happen to visit our office early in the morning, you may find our CEO prepping a healthy breakfast with eggs, avocado and kale for the team. Around lunch time, a monster burger bar full of paleo options is ready to be served. But if you catch us past 4:30 PM, you probably have missed us already because everyone has gone to SoulCycle or PerformForLife for our team exercise. Occasionally, you may run into us at the Oakland Triathlon Relay or the Spartan Race full of Spright gears and participating the race as a team. We love being active and we love trying new things, from new snacks to new recipes, new activities, and of course, touching new technologies. From writing Webpack to Gulp, using React and Immutable, implementing SQS, SNS, and ElasticSearch, our technology stack is full of shiny new softwares. Our product team believes in Minimum Viable Product, that means finding the right balance between writing our own code and using someone else’s. The goal is to iterate fast and deploy often. As Mark Zuckerberg used to say, “Move fast and break things”. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we learn and prevent them from happening again. We may be a small team, but we are headstrong and nimble.

Until now, I’ve never worked at a company where my colleagues share such common passion; the passion to live strong. Our co-founder has lost over fifteen pounds since he started this company. One of our editors continues to be a fitness instructor at Crunch Fitness during after hours. Amazingly, we have a CrossFit trainer, a triathlete and a division-one swimmer on our team. Again, it is passion that shapes our company’s culture and what makes Spright unique. Once you are in, you are not just an employee, you are part of the Spright family, and I am glad to be part of this family. Salute, mi familia.

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