A Deal Too Good to Be True

Harrier jump jets, puddings and bananas — just the tonic for me

Malky McEwan
E³ — Entertain Enlighten Empower


Photo by Elsa Olofsson on Unsplash

I ordered two boxes of tonic water from eBay @£9.95 for 48 x 150ml cans (21p each)— ideal for the occasional gin & tonic.

I ensured the seller had a top rating and that postage was included.

What arrived were 48 cans of past their sell-by-date soda water. I didn’t notice until I poured it into a gin and tasted it. Yuck. One gin down the sink.

I messaged the seller and he offered an immediate refund on the return of the cans. I only needed to rebox them, print off the return label and cart them to the post office.

I fully intended to do it, but they were still sitting in the garage one week later. I had been busy, yes. But the truth was I couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t worth my time or effort.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Which is why I have to admire these guys —

This Is Bananas

Physicist Phil Calcott was shopping in his local Tesco supermarket when the 28-year-old scientist saw a special offer. He could buy three pounds of bananas for £1.17 and get 25 points on his Tesco club card.