A Personal Note to Everyone Who Followed Me in May

And a special thanks to everyone who has connected

Malky McEwan
E³ — Entertain Enlighten Empower


Photo by Rene Vincit on Unsplash

I’ve tagged you because you followed me in May. Thank you.

I promise I won’t do it again.

I’ve experimented with contacting new followers before and found this is an excellent way of identifying readers and writers genuinely interested in reading and writing rewarding articles on Medium.

I have a radical idea

There are over one million paying members of Medium. Some think it is a get-rich-quick scheme. That kind of thinking misses the mark.

The majority of Medium members are not writers, they are people who want to be engaged by reading entertaining, enlightening, or empowering articles.

If we flood Medium with AI-written articles or populate the platform with hurriedly written, hackneyed ideas, the platform will lose readers. With no readers, writers will get disillusioned and disappear.

Medium wants to host original work, enriching human stories with well-crafted and compelling narration. They are looking for well-crafted articles with a genuine regard for the reader.

I share this goal with my publication.