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Have You Tried Medium’s Listen Button Recently?

I am so sorry I called it crappy

A cartoon character, a young man with slightly tousled dark hair, big expressive eyes, and wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans, is cocking his ear with his hand to hear something better. His expression shows curiosity and concentration as he leans in to listen. The background is simple and unobtrusive, emphasizing the character’s action of trying to hear something more clearly.
AI image by ChatGPT from my prompt

Apologies are required. Specifically, my apologies for recently calling Medium’s Listen option “crappy”. It is not. It was crappy, but apparently it has been upgraded recently, probably with AI, and now is pretty damn good!

Stupidly and foolishly, I had stopped using it to proofread— umm, proof listen? — to my posts. I was annoyed by its stilted output. That was foolish because, stilted or not, listening was extremely valuable for catching typos, clumsy sentences, and other foo-has.

This morning, after pounding out my piece on Apple Intelligence being withheld in Europe, I decided that I would have a listen just in case I had fat fingered something.

I had, so that was worthwhile.

But I noticed something else. The AI, if that is what it is, read the piece aloud very, very well. If that had been a podcast, there was only one point where I might have been suspicious that a human wasn’t reading it. I could have fixed that by restructuring a sentence, but as I have no intentions of making that a podcast, I didn’t bother.

This is so easy to do. Just use the “Share Draft Link” option, copy the presented link, and open it yourself. Then click the…



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