Nobody Wants to Hear Your Stupid Expert Opinions Anymore

The one thing we can’t agree to disagree about

Malky McEwan
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Uninformed opinions come fast and thick. Like greasy bacon sandwiches, eat them up and they’ll clog your brain.

In Yugoslavia, surgeons are removing yellow nails from patients at their request because some researchers observed that men with yellow fingernails are twice as likely to die of lung cancer.

At face value, the association is true.

Men with yellow fingernails are twice as likely to die from lung cancer.

But that doesn’t mean we should go ripping people’s fingernails off. Why do men have yellow fingernails? It’s because they smoke cigarettes. That is the connection. Smoking cigarettes leads to deaths from lung cancer.

The association between yellow fingernails and lung cancer mortality is true, but it’s not the underlying problem.

It’s so obvious, I bet you guessed where that was going.

There were telltale signs this was nonsense. Surgeons would not remove fingernails at the request of patients, would they? Not even in Yugoslavia — which doesn’t exist anymore.