Too Much Power For One Person

We need to limit wealth

The image shows a collection of gold bullion bars and coins, gleaming with a bright yellow hue indicative of high purity. The bars are stamped with markings that denote their weight (1 kilo), purity (Fine Gold 999.9), and the name of the refinery (likely “Argor-Heraeus SA” based on the visible text, which is a well-known precious metals refiner based in Switzerland). The coins feature various designs, with some showing an animal, possibly a kangaroo, which suggests they might be Australian Gold.
Photo by Zlaťáky.cz on Unsplash

My wife was happy when she read that Trump lost one of his court battles in New York. But he hasn’t lost. He can appeal, he can delay. It’s quite possible that he will walk away from this unscathed or reach some compromise where he pays a fine and loses nothing.



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