What Does It Take To Reach a Place of Acceptance?

We tried to make it work, yet I was the one who decided to give up


Love in the beginning

You love with all your heart, or so you believe. You think he’s “the one.”

The idea of it being anyone besides him is anathema at that moment. You are willing to defend your love for him with every ounce of strength you possess and steadfast determination you never knew existed.

I wish I could say these feelings last forever. In my case, they didn’t. It was not a case of waking up one fine day and deciding to fall out of love. No, it was more of a watching the fire slowly give out until no amount of coaxing could reignite the dying embers.

Someone, likely nursing a broken heart, once said it is best to start dating and experiencing breakups at a young age so the heart becomes immune, or at the very least you reach a point where you can easily brush off the heartbreak and move on to the next thing without a backward glance.

Sure, that would be a great way to self-protect but that kind of love is just a facsimile of the real thing.

To me, the power of saying “I love you” embodies a commitment to loving somebody, warts and all, not just during the good times.



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