Welcome to The Square

“Plan of the City & Harbour of Savannah, in Chatham County. State of Georgia. A.D. 1818.” From Report on the Social Statistics of Cities, Compiled by George E. Waring, Jr., United States. Census Office, Part II, 1886. (https://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/georgia.html)

Between the violence and the noise we must find some sense of peace. These past few days have been very revealing to the character of this city. At a time when our nation is so bitterly divided it seems as if our own community shows us a microcosm of the same. Between class, race and the other physical and societal structures that pull us apart we must truly find what can bring us together. The time has come for citizens of Savannah to start building better alliances.

The Square was formed in order to dissect our local media and to dig a little deeper into the issues that plague our city. Violence and corruption will not be the only thing we will cover. We want to lift people up and show them the positive actions being taken in and around our community. We seek to inspire people to action. For far to long this city has sat on the sidelines, behind a computer screen. It is time to put your complaints to action. While we seek to better inform you of what is happening in your community, we also want our readers to act and contribute. If you have any tips or would like to contribute. We invite you to create an account on Medium and send us your stories. You may also reach us at thesquaresav@gmail.com. We are excited to engage with our city. Time get involved is now!