The Best Thing I Heard Today: August 4, 2016

If I go to the hospital
Better put rims on the ambulance
Better put lean in my IV
Nurse better have double Ds
Rest in peace to Double D
I’m from the ghetto, we a hundred deep

— “Ghetto,” 2 Chainz


While most of y’all on the East Coast were sleeping, stalking Frank Ocean’s live feed, or, much more enviously, listening to Drake trash talk Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97 live, our boy 2 Chainz spontaneously dropped his new mixtape…and it. is. HOT.

Before we get to the highlights, let’s run through the incredibly compressed timeline of the life of Daniel Son; Necklace Don:


08/01/16: The mixtape announcement drops via iMessage screenshot, by way of Instagram:

08/04/16: This morning we got a glimpse at the cover art and tracklist — and while a lot of the focus stayed on the interesting name and stylistic choices of the mixtape, the lack of features definitely did not go unnoticed.

Would Drake carry the album?! (Stay tuned.)(Don’t get your hopes up.)

Still 08/04/16, just later: At 7:42 PST, 2 Chainz defiantly tweets out the link to the mixtape:


And since then, he’s steadily been posting pictures of some of the hottest album merch I’ve seen in a long time. (And, you know, if anyone wanted to, say, step up to the plate and, I don’t know, buy either or these items for me? I wouldn’t, like, be opposed to it.)


OH YEAH, and about the actual tape: it’s solid. It’s good, through and through. Is anything going to take your breath away? No, but certain tracks do stand out (“Kilo” is one to watch out for). Does Drake deliver an all-time verse? Oh god, not even close. But is Chance the only one who still cares about mixtapes? 2 Chainz finally gives us his answer…and it’s a resounding “no.” This is a passion project without a doubt, and I love him for it.

And listen, I know it’s risky for me to declare Daniel Son; Necklace Don as the day’s winner when Boys Don’t Cry could drop at any second….LOLOLOL JK, we all know Frank’s a flaky little fuck and a petty scoundrel who’s never dropping that album. I love and miss him, but I’m secure in my choices.

Now go ahead ’n’ take yourself a lil listen, and I’ll see y’all in the morning: