He cusses like an angel

Ian Guerin
Sep 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Katy Lear —

I spent today at the Mark Twain House and Museum. When I arrived I was offered the choice between a house tour, or a live history house tour. I chose the latter after conferring with the ticket sales lady.

I’m glad I did, as you (played by an actress) showed me around Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens’ Hartford, CT home. Designed by an architect famous for designing churches, the home is huge but not overbearing. The late 1800s were full of inventions that didn’t use electricity but solved problems (like inter-room communication) in very fantastical ways (a tin tube that runs from room to room in the house so that voices can travel through walls).

The house

Mark Twain has been a favorite writer of mine since I had to read his works in high school. And since my friend Ryan and I used to laugh about the title Pudd’nhead Wilson because it sounds funny.

Some of Twain’s home photos, including one of Clara Clemens, his total babe of a daughter

More recently, it has re-entered my conscience as I’ve looked to art for inspiration and wisdom as I put together a ceremony for the-girl-next-door who essentially became my sister growing up.

In an effort to keep up your charade, and mine, I’ll offer you this. I’m traveling around the country, or I have been for the last three months, and am now finishing off all of the states in New England. Since your day (1897) we’ve added about five more states. I’ve toured all but five of them.

Thank you for showing me the home you worked in. Mark Twain remains one of my favorite sources of everything from one liners to novels.

I even like the look of this guy

Afterwards, I headed to Rhode Island where I’ll pick up my travels tomorrow. It’s a heck of a lot easier to travel nowadays, and I wouldn’t be where I am without the lovely van I travel in.

I did however, have to put some blood and sweat into removing a rusted nut from the rear windshield wiper. Opting to saw through the aluminum with a spare saw blade, as I didn’t actually bring the saw and simply had the replacement piece in the bottom of my tool chest.

All is well that ends well, and now I have a working rear windshield wiper again. Kablam.

Yours —



  • I entered my 45th state today, Connecticut
  • I entered my 46th state today, Rhode Island
  • I drove 229 miles today

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