I almost forgot Delaware

Ian Guerin
Sep 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Chris N —

I drove today. I drove a lot. I drove from Detroit to Beckley, WV.

I drove about eight hours.

It just might rain all night

In driving, it took me until being about six hours in for me to realize I hadn’t been paying the landscape its due attention. Driving through Ohio was a bit difficult because it rained the whole time, and the state is pretty flat as far as the eye can see. However, West Virginia driving, most of it anyway between the rain bursts, is hilly, mountainous maybe is a better term. It’s an eyeful. Innumerable shades of green. The road wanders back and forth through peak after peak. My ears popped. Have I been here before?

I thought to myself how easily this happened. I was so set on getting to my stopping point that I missed six hours of my drive. How easily this happens not only in driving, but in relationships. In college you were my leader, and my dear teammate. And after we graduated, life’s focuses shifted. Jobs, other teams, other people, all became a different focus.

I don’t want to pretend that we could possibly keep up with every person that enters our lives. That’s just not feasible. What I do want to make sure is perfectly clear, though, is this. Whenever the communications lines are silent, they are never shut off. The conversations never stop, they simply pause.

Is there someone you want to reach out to to let them know this? For me, it’s you. I wanted to make sure I hollered at you to let you know I’m thinking of you, and even though its impossible to keep up everyday, everyday is the perfect day to say, “hello, again.”

Yours —



  • I entered my 38th state, West Virginia
  • I really actually forgot Delaware, the first state, so I’m looking for a recommendation somewhere in the northern portion of the state, even if it is just going and buying something sales tax free!

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