I don’t think the beer is good anymore since Anheuser bought them (8/28)

Ian Guerin
Aug 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Ali —

Today I woke up early to have breakfast with my aunt and uncle in Columbia, SC. We had a southern east coast classic, Waffle House. The day started bright with my aunt ordering a pancake, pointing to a waffle on the menu, and happily being corrected.

I drove to Asheville, NC on your recommendation, with only a few hours to spend. As I stuffed my face on the way to Asheville with a lunch that my aunt packed me (spoiled) I took a deep breath before entering the pizzeria that you told me about. I had a tomato and pesto pizza from the Mellow Mushroom, and it was good. The small was huge, so I’ll be eating it for dinner as well.

My road lunch courtesy of Imo

My second stop was one of the breweries you recommended, but which is too mainstream for my waiter at Mellow Mushroom, Wicked Weed Brewing.

I sat alone at the bar for the entire time, none of the bartenders were too chatty and to my left and right appeared to be first dates. Odd time, midday on a Tuesday, but people are always drinking crafty beer nowadays. Nowadays. I ordered a beer flight. I gotta say, not all of them were the best. I took some notes.

I’m pretty sure you’re not much of a beer drinker, but here’s what I have to say. I spent about an hour going through this flight of six beers, and really just had the beer to talk to, so I got some thoughts, as it were.

My notes

Beer one, World Cuppa, an English Stout Brew. I thought it was great at first, but after I let it sit (I drank half, moved to the next beer, then restarted after I drank half of all six) it tasted terrible. I guess maybe it was better consumed cold.

Beer two, Basic White Bier, a Belgian. Not my style. I don’t think I could drink a whole pint of this.

Beer three, Napoleon Complex, an India Pale Ale. I thought it would be fun because IPAs are fun, but it was not bitter enough. It was just like drinking a bad normal beer. Especially in a small amount, it needed to pack a punch.

Beer four, Smashville, a Kolsch. I chose it for the name. This beer is not for small porion sizes. The bartenders really should discourage you from ordering an ale or a lager in a flight. This kind of beer needs to be ordered in the magnitude of liters, not dixie cups.

Beer five, Meta Tropics, Farmhouse Sour Ale. Yes. Now we’re talking. Sours were meant for beer flights. This one was a fruit bowl party with that almost kombucha sourness.

Beer six, Black Angel, Sour Stout. This beer was the most delicious beer I have ever had in my entire life. I can not believe how good this beer was. I had to flag down the bartender, ask her how popular the beer was. She said, “It’s popular, why do you want to try it?” I responded, “No, I had it. I think it’s the best beer I’ve ever had.” She returns, “I know, I think anyone who doesn’t like it is an idiot.” For the love of all things good, Ali, please go and try this beer. Send your friend there to try it for you. Tell everyone, tell Aunt Ruth.

If you can’t tell, it was time for me to leave before I had to sleep it off at 12 noon. I headed towards Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I plan to visit Clingman’s Dome tomorrow, and wanted to be nearby, but camp in Nantahala National Forest because you know, it’s free.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was an amazing way to spend an afternoon drive. The overlooks of the mountain range were so layered. That’s the best word I have for it. Everything looked like a different Photoshop layer. How many rows of mountains there are, I cannot count, but the drive was beautiful.

One of the scenic overlooks that I stopped at
My bath (left), and my camp (right) complete with bonfire smoke

Thanks for bringing me to this area!

Yours —



  • It’s about that time for me to get an oil change
  • I entered my 33rd state, North Carolina

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