Let’s just hope there’s an easier way down

Ian Guerin
Sep 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Heather —

Hi Heather. I’m in Maine. For my third night. Tomorrow I’ll head to New Hampshire (the big #49) where I’ll spend a day or so driving through some lovely National Forest.

Today, though, first.

I went on a hike along Precipice Trail. It’s this awesome mile or so hike up to the peak of a mountain that follows along these iron rungs and ladders along the edge of steep cliffs and around narrow corners. Exhilarating! I pounced and quickened my step out of sheer excitement when I hit the next landing, and climbed ever higher. That’s one worth writing home about! Literally.

I hiked up that

Afterwards I headed for Bar Harbor.

I went to Morning Glory Bakery for a sticky bun on my friend Olivia’s recommendation. I’d give it a “B” for “meets expectations”. But with it in hand, I went to a park where I met a chatty couple from Connecticut. And we chatted for the better part of half an hour. About this and that.

Sticky bun apparently means “sort of like cinnabon”

Next I went to Downeast Deli and Boxed Lunch Co. for a Maine-famous lobster roll. It was delicious. And while I was eating it, and taking a picture, because I’m basic, this old guy comes up to me and holds the paper wrapping down so, “the wind don’t ruin the picture.” Thanks old guy. He was from Vermont and gave me tips on exactly what to do when I get there. Including Calvin Coolidge’s historic site. “You like presidents, don’t ya?”

My lobster roll complete with my new friends helping hands

He’d been to every single state capital. That was his 50-claim-to-fame over my 50 state tour. Pretty cool, honestly. I’ve seen a lot of the ones he made reference to.

After he left, a duo of guys sat down on a bench across from mine, and asked “how was the Precipice?” I looked up startled, only to recognize the pair of Scots I had skirted around on the trail. As the older of the two gentlemen was “vlogging” or as he put it, “putting together my final video before I fall off this mountain.” We chatted for a bit and then parted.

The point being, I thought maybe the reason I was in such a particularly chatty mood today was because I’d something interesting to say. But that isn’t true at all. In fact. I didn’t start even one of the conversations. In a few of them, my trip didn’t even come up.

I always have it in my head that I might waste someone’s time if I start a conversation. But the fact is, those people will let you know it, and those that don’t show it are likely interested in chatting about whatever may come of conversation.

I lost my car, but thankfully Bar Harbor, ME is quite small and the blue guy showed up eventually.

I’m going to be in Michigan for much of the month of October, and I’d love to grab you for a lunch, or a coffee or anything that might fit into your schedule.

Yours —



  • I hiked my last hike of this trip today
  • I drove 215 miles today

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