Maybe we should’ve kept sleeping

Ian Guerin
Sep 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Sean C —

After a late night of celebrating it became apparent that today was not going to be extremely eventful. We even did a team disc (a team of old work buddies, who have no other use for a frisbee).

But! I did want to inform you that Kristie and I have made a decision about where we will be heading next. After much contemplation, we have decided that Seattle, WA has our name on it. We will at least be on the same coast, once again. I figured you were the right person to tell, as I think you might be the most upset by our not-moving to San Francisco.

Days like today remind me how easy it is to let an entire day slip away without really doing anything. It’s kind of scary. Like, where did the whole day go? And why am I so tired? I mean I didn’t even take a picture today.

I had nine hours of driving ahead of me in order to get to my next stop, Mammoth Caves National Park in Kentucky, and gave myself a full day to do it. I recently shuffled up my plans in order to reduce some of the driving as I attend a wedding or two in the Midwest, before heading to the OG 13 colonies.

My friends Michelle and Harsha and I ate at Hooter’s for breakfast/lunch. I’ve had better food, for certain. But when we asked the lady at the hotel concierge where there’s good food, she pointed to the restaurant across the parking lot from the hotel. It looked like a slightly nicer Applebee’s. So we opted for the obvious second.

After dropping Harsha and Michelle off at the airport I began my trek back across Missouri. In between stops for fuel and naps, I managed to make it just east of St. Louis, into Illinois.

Yours —



  • I think my mom was right, these tires need to be rotated / realigned, my car sounds like a helicopter

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