That’s not a grown man’s game

Ian Guerin
Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read


Maggie and I started the day, in Cape Cod, by going to Ruggie’s breakfast restaurant. It feels like a classic cafe in a tiny beach town, most likely because it is. No harm in pointing out the obvious, it keeps us focused.

We cruised Main Street through town after town, visiting with all of the cities. We stopped to play putt-putt at Skull Island and I was delivered a resounding defeat at the hands of Maggie. We jumped in the batting cages and I watched Maggie hit homer after home, and then I had the fair luck to hit two foul balls, by which I mean tip two foul balls. Note to self, never challenge Maggie to a baseball game.

It really made me miss Martha’s Vineyard. Our first year in a while when all of us old buddies didn’t make it back together. The current thought is that next year we’ll be back in full force. I really hope that is so.

Every day it becomes more apparent to me how valuable it is that friends and family live all across the country, and hopefully someday the world. It’s a drag that we don’t all still live within a 30 minute subway ride, of course.

Although, to be fair I did get to hang out with you a whole bunch as I drifted through Oregon. This summer, I’d say, provided some very unique circumstances. Which is why I think it increasingly important to set aside fractions of our time.

My friend Michael does a great job of hosting video chats weekly with his distant friends, and I think that maybe it’s something we should give a go.

Back on the road, we stopped at the next ice cream shop that caught our eye. I had an enormous root beer float of Mug Root Beer. Perfect day so far.

We headed back to Boston proper and grabbed a drink at the Beantown Pub before heading to Kinsale restaurant for a night of trivia. I met a fair amount of Maggie’s friends, who seem to all be lawyers, and her family who quite clearly created and shaped Maggie.

After contributing nothing in the trivia game, but with our ringers still winning first place, I am left with the realization that I have laughably little trivia knowledge. Wow.

A drive through Southie and we’re ending the day with an episode of The Pyramid Code just to get those conspiratorial juices flowing.

Yours —



  • The Boston accent is real and it’s strong
  • Cape Cod is quaint when it’s not peak season

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