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Ian Guerin
Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Gracely —

This morning I went to a local dairy farm / restaurant for breakfast. It comes with a free doughnut and drink and cup of fresh whole milk. So yeah, pretty solid way to start the day. I had a classic breakfast, but instead of bacon, I had scrapple. Scrapple is pig intestines or stomach or something, deep fried. Tastes a bit like meaty fish.

My family and Oregon Dairy (if you look close you can see Jonathan’s non-devoured doughnut and my empty plate)

Then to the outlet malls because my aunt and uncle had to show me the giant sink hole. It was a GIANT sink hole. It swallowed someone’s car. Or so the story goes.

Sink hole, USA! Number one!

Eventually, after one more solid Bangladeshi meal, I hit the road for New Jersey. I’d originally intended to go to Cape May and to Lavalette Bay (as you suggested) in New Jersey, but have since opted for a slightly slimmer path. I headed for Maplewood, NJ. You know the place.

My good friend, and past teammate, Michael grew up there also. He would’ve been a class or two ahead of you. I got to see the birth place of ultimate!

The birthplace of ultimate (50 years old this year) and Michael (not 50 years old this year)

I also got to see Columbia High School, the famed high school that surely beat NYU at a preseason tournament or two. Your high school is incredible. It’s like a mini Hogwarts. Michael informed me that it’s one of the oldest in the country. So, kudos to that.

They don’t make them like they used to

I also got to see Maplewood and South Orange. Down with South Orange, Maplewood is far superior. I saw the birthplace of Michael. So a lot of birthing going on today.

Michael is only mildly interested in ultimate

Michael and I sat down for a few hours of conversation over, as he called it, a classic NJ diner dinner. Including disco fries. Which I’m pretty sure is just poutine. Michael gave me a chance to verbalize in immediate conversation the effects and consequences of spending a lot of time by yourself, and a lot of time driving. It was a good first effort to start seeing my travels as a whole rather than day to day, but I’ll leave that for a later endeavor as I still have a few stars left to see.

I’m troubled that I won’t see Lavalette Bay, as you thought it worthy of a recommendation, but I will hopefully catch it my next time around.

Where are you nowadays? Are your eyes still on Europe? If you need any suggestions of what to do in US instead, I think I got you covered. I’ll be around the city (New York’s city) for the weekend, if our paths should be destined to cross.

Yours —



  • I entered my 43rd state, New Jersey
  • I entered my 44th state, New York

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