The only thing that we’ve got is time

Ian Guerin
Sep 8, 2018 · 3 min read

David —

I’ll start by saying thank you for taking the time to grab lunch with me today at Amma’s Kitchen. The all-vegetarian cuisine made for an excellent couple of plates. And I’ll certainly be eating more dosa in my near future.

My someday bike, will have to upgrade the footwear first

I particularly like the way you pursued the answer to the question of the meaning of life. “What would you want to think on your death bed?” Would you even think about the time you spent trying to get that one final promotion?

I don’t know why it seems brave, or courageous to confront death head on. Not really head on, so much as acknowledging it as the “finish line.” The end of our physical presence. We have a restricted amount of time to do what we need to do or can do.

It’s impossible for me to forget how many people I have to thank for my upbringing. Between you, Jonathan, and William, I had a lot of older brothers, and role models, growing up. I am lucky not because I had the chance to be around you in very formative years, but because you took the time, and cared to share with me what you think is right. I’ve never felt “required” to do anything, but simply offered suggestions.

I like to think that I’m still developing, and still in my formative years, so it is incredibly valuable to me that I have time to sit down for a few hours and chat. Not to “shoot the shit”, but to really learn from someone who’s input I respect deeply.

I drove to Michigan after we parted, and I went straight to my Papa’s old folks’ home. I didn’t realize my mom would be there sitting down to dinner with Papa, but I surprised them both. And Papa gave me his ice cream, so there’s a win.

Afterwards, I took Papa to my house for some tea, and had a chance to ask him about your Olga’s story. The only way he recalls it is that you wanted a sandwich, and he got you one.

Papa tires quickly, so we headed pretty quickly back to his apartment to drop him off. At which point, my childhood friends Nick, Tim, and Connor came over to drink some tea and watch Deliverance. There’s a movie that’ll scar you.

Me, Timmy, Nicky, and Connor

Yours —



  • I’m in Michigan again for a wedding
  • Coming up is a super long journey to get back on track, heading to West Virginia on Sunday

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