You know he’s here, right?

Ian Guerin
Sep 25, 2018 · 3 min read

Aunt Sue —

As one of my aunts that has kept up correspondence with me for my entire life, I would be remiss not to send you a note. I don’t have any particular holiday to celebrate, but here is my version of the Aunt Sue card. I’ll usher in the new season, and my new year of life.

Today I went to the Mount Washington Hotel. It is enormous. What a monument to a bygone era of lavish hotels in the middle of nowhere. All of the modern examples I can think of are skyscrapers and in urban centers, not in the middle of National Forests.

From there I headed to Lebanon, NH to try to get some gas station Chinese food that my brother used to eat when he was in medical school. They’re closed on Mondays. I’ll try again tomorrow, as I’m staying the night across the Connecticut River in Quechee, VT. I found a campsite that has a shower which is pretty close to a dire necessity at this point.

I tried to get a mechanic to look at my noisy wheel bearing, but in Lebanon they want you to make an appointment days to a week in advance. I haven’t encountered something like that on this trip yet, so the car will have to survive until I make it back to Detroit.

I’m spending the evening with a roaring bonfire, and a warm sleeping bag in the van. It gets into the 40s every night up here in the North East as if to close the door behind summer on its way out. Outdoorsy nights always remind me of going to your cabin, though I’m reasonable certain it was only one time. It made a lasting impression on me and not just because I got bit on the eyebrow by the dog whose tail I pulled a bit too hard.

Yours —



  • I hit Vermont today, but don’t really count it as I’m not doing anything in it yet, I’ll wait until Wednesday to call it
  • I drove 135 miles today

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