Meenta — A Scientific Equipment Sharing Platform

The platform creates a global network of scientific equipment available on demand

Bram Berkowitz
Oct 1 · 2 min read

The Problem

Life sciences still lives in a pre-internet age where multi-million dollar pieces of equipment sit in silos hidden in service labs, and where some of the greatest minds in science still use tribal knowledge to find their most valuable resources. It’s as if scientists have created the super computer without the internet or the web without html.

What The Company Does

Meenta is creating the infrastructure on which science can scale and converting these traditional fixed assets into more liquid commodities as Amazon did with servers via AWS. The platform maps the location of every single large capital equipment and its associated services in life sciences. Creating workflows on line that scientists in biotech and pharma can book with clear pricing, turn-around time and quality.


Meenta will start with the $12 billion per year spent (18–22% CAGR) on R&D outsourcing in genomics, proteomics, imaging and cells amongst 572 biotech firms and 200 pharma companies. It will then expand to service the $1.6 trillion global scientific R&D spend.

Business Model

The company takes a booking fee from both the suppliers and the users in biotech and pharma.


The company has over 500 instruments on the platform for genome sequencing across hundreds of academic institutions, and also has consistent bookings from biotech and pharma companies. Meenta participated in Techstars Boston 2018.

Founding Team Background

Co-Founder and CEO Gabor Bethlendy has 20 years of business expertise in the area of genomics, life sciences and diagnostics. He was the founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Parabase Genomics, where he raised over $5 million and sold the company to Quest Diagnostics. Co-Founder and CTO Stephan Smith built an API that’s drives features on every NPR website. He is a full stack developer with extensive web, mobile, and systems design and development experience from Maxwell Health and NPR.

What They Need Help With

Meenta is looking for intros to biotech, pharma and doping genomics and sequencing companies. The company is looking to hire a junior developer and application scientist. Meenta is also planning to raise a large round of funding in the first quarter of 2020. If interested in learning more, contact Gabor Bethlendy at

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The Buzz

Covering early-stage ventures in New England before they’re funded.

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